CR10S Pro Bed Levelling

  • My CR10S Pro has been working fine apart from bed adhesion in larger prints. I tried a glass sheet and the printer immediately scored lines, so I reverted to the original bed and tried again. Now the thing wont print properly and seems to be printing the raft all loose and not adhering at all to the bed. I have replaced the nozzle to no avail. Has anyone any ideas?

  • I have had the same issues, And I have exhausted myself looking at the so called professionals that screen videos of then Leveling the bed on a Creality CR-10s Pro, for me none of those videos worked for me. I started from auto home then loosening the x axis couplings measure the hight of each x acts screws tighten them when you have them both at the same length, the auto home again then check them both again, then carrie on the normal way with the shimes measure again adjust if its out, and use a small level to see which one you need to adjust, this can take a while and you will need patience, I hope this works, Good luck

  • Now I have got myself in a pickle. How do you setup the autolevelling? My printer is determined to drive the hot end to Australia. I now have two holes in my bed where the printer has tried to level. Is there anyone out there that assist me? If not, the printer is going in the bin and I am off to find another make. What baffles me is that you cannot do anything with the autolevelling without autolevelling, unless I am missing something.

    Failing any assistance, which 3D printer that has similar specs to this piece of rubbish do people suggest?

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