CURA 4.8 retraction settings

  • Hi everyone, my CR6 is printing generally well but there is still more stringing that I would like, using PLA.

    My retraction settings with CURA 4.8 are 6 mm distance, 25 mm/s speed.

    Does any one has good results with different values?

  • I am been having a hard time getting consistent good results.

    At first I got good results a retraction 4mm and 45mm/s., But began experienced stringing, also in the first layer.

    After extensive use of stringing towers.. again, I have settled on 6mm and 35 mm/s., Z-hop enabled at 0,2mm. I get consistent good results now, I am printing square houses which are quite forgiving for stringing in my, very limited experience. But for now I am happy.

    I started having adhesion issues, think its caused by underextrusion, After much fiddling I raised bed temp and nozzle temp for the first layer by 10 degrees(70/215 with Prusament), and filament flow to 110%. first layer Now I get nice adhesion and first layers.

    I am about to change filament supplier, so all this may change shortly 😄

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