Cura Pause Causes Head Crash On Resume

  • I am printing a simple model (license plate) that I am printing with two colors. First time doing a pause on the CR-6. Inserted the pause via Cura. Default values--nothing set.

    Printing via Octoprint.The CR-6 paused at the right time with Octoprint asking me if I wanted to Resume or Restart.

    I changed the filament without touching any of the machine controls. Pressed the Resume on the Octoprint UI. The printhead crashed into the print (which was at 85% done and solidly attached to the bed) and started grinding away digging into the print. Fortunately I stopped it before any machine damage. Looks like it was 10mm off in Y and at least 2-3mm in z.

    Has anybody got pause to work with this machine? Really worried about doing this again given the print head is a sensor. Who knows how/where one could get a replacement since they couldn't even replace my power switch.

    ![0_1611779398098_20210127_152233.jpg](Uploading 100%)

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