Printed Parts Don't Fit

  • I'm just getting started with the Ender 3 Pro and have printed out a couple of two part prints that won't fit together. First, I printed the E3P extruder knob (Thing #3115901) and the hole to mount on the extruder post is too small. Next, I printed the filament guide (Thing #2917932) and the arm won't slide into the printed end cap (slot is slightly too small or tabs are slightly too large). I forced them together, but ended up cracking the end cap I printed. I'm using the Creality slicer and have not made any tweaks to the settings. I printed these on Mika 3D PLA at 220 degrees. I know there are tolerances and shrinkage that occur but I'm not sure what to adjust.
    Can anyone point me to help on what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

  • @Eldrod Hi, Use the original extruder, it is not recommended to modify the extruder.

  • @Eldrod

    You'll get much more help at and from watching videos than here. ; )