Not printing what i dl

  • Ok this is my problem. I have the Ender 3 Pro. i set it up on the 7th of January. I dled the item i wanted to print from Thingivers web site. Ok that went well no problems putting it on the mini sd card. i insert the mini card in too my printer and the only thing i can select to print is connector-bar-v2- pre. i have click on every thing else in the menu that could be selected and nothing all i can print is a flat peace of plastic. I can not print from my desk top computer usb port it don't recognize the printer. Yes i dled the program from the sd card to use my desk top computer usb port and fallowed the directions from Creality in the 3d slicer. but still will not find the printer will not connect to the printer. so i do not know what i am doing wrong can some one help me please. i have photos and video but i cant post them here it won't let me. says i don't have enough privilege to do that lol.

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