BL Touch V3.1 Need Z axis help

  • Installed hardware and updated firmware (Ver 1.1.1). Autocenter and auto level functions work. Printhead is about 1" above bed. Setting Z axis to -10mm (the maximum) still leaves the print head to high. How do I get the printhead where it needs to be.

  • Do the following:

    Switch on printer
    Auto Home

    • it should now be in the middle of the bed about an inch up.
      Now go to MOVE and select Move Z axis
      The Z Axis value will be something like 10 or 13
      Change the value to 0.0 and the head will lower a bit.
      Now get a piece of paper and put under the nozzle.
      Go to PREPARE > Z OFFSET
      Change this to about 2.00
      The head should lower further.
      Keep adjusting it in 0.05 increments until you can just move the paper.
      It should now be adjusted correctly.
      Finally go back to the main screen and select LEVEL.

    See how you go.

  • Hi,

    I also have this issue with my Ender 3 V2 with 4.2.2 board and BLtouch 3.1.

    Always sets home to center of the bed and auto level sets home to back right of the bed and Z about 10mm of the bed.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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