BL Touch V3.1 Need Z axis help

  • Installed hardware and updated firmware (Ver 1.1.1). Autocenter and auto level functions work. Printhead is about 1" above bed. Setting Z axis to -10mm (the maximum) still leaves the print head to high. How do I get the printhead where it needs to be.

  • These two videos helped me out a lot pay special attention to them.

  • Sounds like you did everything right. Home, move to Z=0, adjust Z-offset, repeat and then save. The only unknown are the dimensions of the bracket that you used to attach the BLTouch. This might be keeping it too far off the bed. I also read that with the Creality kit and it's associated metal bracket, that the bracket can be installed upside down, yet looks fine, that results in offset issues. The offset from the end of the BLTouch tip when retracted, to the tip of the nozzle should be ~ 2.3mm to 4.3mm. (From the ANTCLABS 3.1 pdf doc)

  • Any luck on figuring this issue out? I just got an ender 3 v2 today and installed bltouch and latest firmware. And having same issue.

  • I too have this issue and would appreciate if anyone could help me.


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