Z Axis Not Working Properly

  • I have and Ender 3 with a BLTouch and a direct drive modification, along with the TH3d 32bit board. The problem I am experiencing is that the Z axis is not moving properly during the print which is causing the nozzle to drag in the print. I have tried calibrating my E steps which were way too high but even after it didn't change too much. Another thing I tried was tightening some screws that were loose that connect the z axis rod to the extruder assembly. I thought that this would fix my problem but sadly it still was happening. If you have any ideas of what it could be please post them bellow. Thanks in advance.

    Here is a photo of one of my prints. You can see where the nozzle has been dragging through the print and where the the filament is bulging out. Don't mind part of the print missing if broke off when I was handling it.

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