Ender 3v2 PLA still not sticking to bed...

  • I am at my wits end. I have leveled this bed so many times its pathetic. I have changed everything back to original. I HAVE EVEN GONE BACK TO ORIGINAL FIRMWARE!!!!!!!
    EVERY time I try to print, the PLA will not stick to the bed. I have not used any chemicals to clean the bed. I have only used a clean microfiber cloth. I have not used any type of adhesive or glue. Do I have to start using that?
    I'm starting to give up hope that my printer will ever work again.

  • @MrTux
    Also, if you have never cleaned the bed with anything else than a cloth, try cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol (or ethyl alcohol, if it's easier to find): a perfectly clean bed can make a lot of difference, and combined with a brim and some heat from the bed it will make your prints stick perfectly. I'm currently using ColorFabb XT, and after a few detached prints, I started to clean the bed with ethyl alcohol before every print, and now the sticks to the bed as is should.

  • I fought with my 3v2 for TEN DAYS with no luck. Then I just got the blue painters tape, covered the bed with that, readjusted the height and print to my hearts content.

    Then I flipped the bed over to the plain glass and suddenly I could printe PLA without the tape! I was thrilled.

    Then a few days later that stopped working so I went back to the tape.

    I just bought the print leveling sensor. I had become aware the the bed was not perfectly flat. Figured this would go a long way to ease my frustration.... HA

    When I tried to upgrade my firmware, the whole printer is useless... it will no longer boot. I've had the printer for 4 weeks and I swear I have spend three weeks fighting with it.... Grrr.

  • @mrog finally someone replies. Thank you sir (or mame). I was under the impression that if it got too hot that it was a bad thing. I have posted this thread in some other groups and they are all saying the same thing. I am getting some good and some bad results but it does appear to be a heat issue. Thank you for your reply. I'm working on it. 🙂

  • Is the bed warm enough? I get good results setting it to 60 degrees for PLA, although it seems to stick even better at 70 degrees. Don't just trust the display to tell you how warm it is. Feel the edges of the bed with your fingers. It should feel hot. If it doesn't feel hot, look under the bed and make sure the heating element hasn't become detached.

    If you're printing something that has a small contact area with the bed, you may need to use a brim or raft for better adhesion.

    Make sure the bed is clean. The oil from fingerprints can interfere with adhesion. I suggest cleaning it with a bit of isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth.

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