Ender 3 level issues

  • English is not my first language, so sorry in advance for some typos.

    I have my Creality Ender 3 printer for some period of time now, like 6 months or so. I just can't seem to level the bed properly! Whenever I have the 4 corners the same the middle always has to much space between the bed and nozzle.

    This is what I do: Put the nozzle at home position. Disable steppers to I can move the bed and stuff. A piece of paper should be moveable between the nozzle and bed. Nobody can explain to me what I should 'feel', because you can't explain a feeling. So this is try and die, I understand. I do all corners until all corners are the same 'feeling'. But the middle of the bed is never correct. I should expect the same 'feeling' as in the corners.

    This is what I have done:

    • Leveled with heated and unheated bed
    • Added better springs under the wheels for leveling
    • Replaced the default bed with a glass one.
    • Check every bold and screw I can find
    • Adding piece of paper to heighten curtain parts of the beds... But how much can I add? I get the feeling I already put to much under it! Doesn't this effect the heating??

    This is getting really annoying. Especially when I read all those success stories of people printing the best stuff with this printer and saying "how easy this is".

    What else can I do?

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