Ender 5 Firmware for V4.2.7 no BLTouch

  • Does any know where I can get the latest firmware for an Ender 5 with a V4.2.7 mainboard without the BLTouch installed?

    I have looked on the Creality downloads area and there is only firmware for the with the BLTouch installed. I've tried the Marlin custom firmware build request and there is no option for this. There is only the Ender 5 with an 8 bit board as a selectable option.



  • I just looked and there is V1.0.1 in the zip for the 32 bit board. It should be the vanilla without BLtouch or filament detection. Good luck though, it didn't work for me when I upgraded to the V4.2.7 silent board and needed to flash it for the Ender 5. Unfortunately, when I flashed the new firmware the extruder started running backwards.

    I had a BLtouch delivered while trying to figure out the extruder so I installed it and flashed firmware to V1.1.1 and now can't do anything as the z axis won't go up enough to print anymore. I've been fighting it for hours now, even tried messing with compiling Marlin myself but I don't know enough about it. I'm about ready to throw in the towel, return the silent board and BLtouch for a refund.

    Best of luck,

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