Z axis not working properly

  • I have an Ender 3 with a BLTouch, Direct Drive modification, and a TH3d 32bit board. I recently ran into the problem of my z axis not moving properly during prints. I have tried tightening various screws and found some loose screws that connects the z axis rod to the extruder assembly that I thought would fix my problem but it didn't end up fixing anything. The next thing I tried was recalibrating my E steps which were way to high from my previous stock extruder. This fixed my over extrusion problem but my Z axis problem still persists. Bellow is a photo of one of my prints. You can see the nozzle dragging through the print. If anyone has any ideas of what might be causing this please leave a response bellow. Thanks in advance! IMG_1216.JPG

  • Having exactly the same problem - as is this other guy. I responded on his post:

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