CR-6 SE Scratching Print Bed

  • My printer started (apparently spontaneously) printing with a Z offset too low for a viable print. Auto levelling seems to be running well, I've tried:

    • reformatting my SD card
    • using a different SD card
    • factory resetting the machine - no change to any of the settings
    • changing the Z offset - no change to the height of the print head above the bed

    There's apparently a GCode that will reset your device to factory settings???

    I'm new to this and not particularly keen on going through what appears to be the slightly longwinded process of flashing new firmware (given that it was working fine).

    When I cancel a print, the extruder moves off the plate and drops below the plate level to the point where it shifts the glass plate to the right of the machine everytime.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.


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