PLA not sticking to bed

  • So I know that leveling the bed should solve this issue. I have leveled this bed so many times that I can do it in 5 secs. Time me.
    So that being said, I still have an issue with my filament not sticking to the bed. I have not used any chemicals to clean the bed. Nor have I used any glue or adhesive. I have updated to the latest firmware. I checked the level of the glass. It's perfect except for a .005 lip on one of the very edges.
    To start, I upgraded the springs, added a filament guide, added an Octoprint, installed a new extractor and tube, changed the nozzle to a higher grade, and added a 3d touch.
    I have many prints without any issues. Then, for whatever reason, it just stopped sticking. Thinking it was some of the changes I had made, I started working backwards from the last "mod" I had made. I am now back to original. I have taken off all the "mods" and addons. The only thing that is not original is the firmware.
    I have no idea where to go from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • @tundwd up your bed and nozzle temp by a few degrees . try 5 to 10 °c more..
    A clean and level bed is also a must, but if that is in order, raise the temperatures.

    you can also lower the printspeed for the initial layer.

  • @tundwd Great news. My success was 50-50 until measuring the first layer. It was at 0.5mm so raised all corners a fraction of a turn and now around 0,3mm and success every time.

  • @BobB

    Oh - I was printing on the V2 textured glass provided with the unit. Just no sticking, despite cleaning with isopropyl. Left everything at default temps - 200C PLA temp, and 60C bed temp. Using PLA+

  • @BobB
    Thanks for the reply. I MAY have it - finally. After a week. I've leveled once again, no different than I've done dozens of times before, BUT - I got in the stiffer bed springs (the yellow ones that are the correct length for the Ender 3 V2), and installed them. Also got some Elmers Disappearing purple stick glue and applied to the bed - AFTER going over it - again - with isopropyl. Normally, I'd use Acetone, but that was in the garage and didn't want to run up and get it.

    It is NOW - at long last - printing, and has been printing the "dog" model on the original SD card, for almost 20 minutes. Many hours to go yet - so we'll see how it all goes through the end...

    BUT AT LAST!!!

  • @tundwd Hi, I've had a few issues with first layer adhesion too. I seem to have it sorted now though.
    Levelling the bed was critical. It's a progressive process moving the print head above each of the 4 level adjusters while slowly closing the gap on the paper. Keep your fingers out the way and make sure the nozzle is hot else you could be setting the height to a blob of plastic. I don't have the bed at temperature but it won't hurt. When hot the paper will knock off any excess plastic.
    I move the X & Y axis manually (disable steppers with the controller) at this stage. Be careful not to move the z axis while doing this. If you do then re-home before continuing. You should be able to feel the paper being clamped on all 4 positions above the adjusters. If the paper tears it's too tight.
    Once satisfied you are bang on level re-home and check again, this time try using the move commands (rather than push the axis about) and check levels at all 4 points. If you see inconsistencies check the tension of the rollers on all axis. Holding the axis stationary you should just be able to rotate the rollers with two fingers. (there may be a more technical way to check but that worked for me).
    I go with bed temperature of 60° and push the PLA temp up to 215 which seemed to help adhesion.
    Are you printing on textured 'glass' or ultra smooth shiny glass? Mine came with black textured glass and PLA stuck quite well to that. I have no experience of shiny glass but suspect you might benefit from a coating of glue if you have that.
    I found the best way to confirm the nozzle height is measure the thickness of the first layer with callipers or micrometer. Let me know how you get on.

  • @tundwd Here's my frustation:

    I see instructions to level... Should the printer be on or off? Seems it should be on, but not everyone starts off telling you to disable and autohome, etc. So - START WITH IT ON OR OFF?

    1. If leveling before warming up ( seems some do that, others don't) - I would assume if you leveled cold - you should re-level after it's warmed up? No one really seems to say.

    2. And so many just jump after bed leveling to printing. So it appears the unit is ON the entire process - but no one really says.

    3. So - you start (cold or hot?) with the paper just starting to drag - then back off a bit so it no longer drags - do that several times around the perimeter. Then (was the unit pre-heated prior to this or not?) magically start printing.

    4. And if you leveled cold, then heated the unit up and waited until pre-heated, and then re-leveled - should the paper "just drag" or not?

    WHERE CAN ONE FIND QUITE CLEAR, STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS OR TUTORIALS - and please don't point me to the crap I keep running into. If they don't say "start cold" or "start hot" with the leveling, and just go on telling you to level - they aren't clear. Everyone SHOULD realize that when it gets hotter, tolerances get tighter and things expand. So - is THAT where one should end up? Cold level, pre-heat, then just print?

  • Same issue - but I've NEVER had a print at all. New, have been doing everything I can think of. Getting EXTREMELY frustrated, as nothing seems to work.

    The PLA just gums up and balls up on the hot end, and drags a few wisps of PLA around with it as it moves.

    The real frustration is the "measurements" voiced by everyone. "Put a piece of paper under it until it just starts to drag, and then back off a tad". WTF is a "tad"? I've done that, and I don't know if the hot end is too low and not giving the PLA enough room, or it's too high. At least I haven't scored the glass yet with the hot end.


  • Same exact problem! since i broke hotend of my ENDER 3 i changed it and also bought glass Creality bed and new nozzle. Perfect prints first tries but then filament does not stick in the first layer, also the blob at the start does not stick. i don't know what to do! please answer thanks!! ![0_1614374398856_IMG_5922.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • @MrTux We are having the same exact issue. We made a few prints and then it stopped sticking, and we've done nothing different.

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