Recalibration or restoring Default Settings?

  • I am new to 3d printing, set up my cr-10 and upon initial auto home calibration, printer was to close to wall and hit it. Moved printer away from wall and recycled power to run auto home again but the printer makes a noise as if the gears are getting stuck when the extruder reaches the front left corner. Can't complete the auto home and am clueless how to move forward. Every video I've found does't explain how to fix this as no one is dumb enough to do what I did. Any guidance on this is greatly appreciated.

  • Hi,

    Does it make the noise as soon as you switch it on or when it get to the end of an axis. Have you checked the limit switches are OK. I have a brand new printer with a duff pin on the X axis.

    Check all the wiring to the motors and switches is OK and check the tension of all the rollers as you may have knocked one out of the channel. If you disable the steppers or when powered off does the X and Y axis move freely without sticking. If you rotate the Z spindle does it raise and lower easily?


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