Ender-6 / With BL touch v3.1 error

  • Hi Friends,

    At the moment i have a Ender 6 that was running good.
    But i want to use some sort of bed leveling so i did add the BLtouch v3.1
    I connect all the wiress and did a updrage to the FW: Ender-6-V1.0.4.9-BLTouch.
    So far so good but when i press the leveling mode i cant use the Z+ of the -Z on the left side off the screen.
    Also the BLtouch is blinking red.

    I already tried:
    -Other FW / Ender-6-V1.0.2-BLTouch
    -Reconnect all the wired to the Bltouch
    -Reset the Ender
    -Downgrade to Ender-6-V1.0.1-Endstop then upgrade to > Ender-6-V1.0.2 then > Ender-6-V1.0.4.9.

    Any help ?

    20210123_234109.jpg 20210123_234103.jpg

    Hope to hear from you guys !

  • @tuckerjt07 I was able to fix the issue by adjusting the screw at the top of the BL-Touch (by about a quarter of a turn), and now the BL-Touch has worked consistently for the past few weeks.

  • @Dogberticus have you tried just holding it? Mine works perfectly when not mounted to the fan housing.

  • @Dogberticus I'm having the same issue. @admin any ideas?

  • I ran across this same issue this morning, and it turns out that for me it was caused by the BL-Touch not passing it's self test on bootup, so the BL-Touch was flashing red. I was able to temporarily fix this by manually pulling the BL-Touch pin down and then powering up, and then ran the 25 point test. Unfortunately the BL-Touch seems to randomly not release the sensor pin, which then causes it to error out. I'm still in the middle of troubleshooting this issue, but it seems if the BL-Touch is flashing red it failed a test, and no adjustments can be made.

  • Did you unplug and remove the Z stop switch after you installed the BLTouch? That needs to be done as part of the installation.

  • @enderlover I had a similar issue. I had remedied the blinking light by homing it first. I then found out that the bed only moves at like 0.1mm so it feels like it's not moving, but it's just very little steps. On the motherboard there is a micro USB port. You can use pronterface It is for editing the printers axis and other settings.

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