Ender-6 / With BL touch v3.1 error

  • Hi Friends,

    At the moment i have a Ender 6 that was running good.
    But i want to use some sort of bed leveling so i did add the BLtouch v3.1
    I connect all the wiress and did a updrage to the FW: Ender-6-V1.0.4.9-BLTouch.
    So far so good but when i press the leveling mode i cant use the Z+ of the -Z on the left side off the screen.
    Also the BLtouch is blinking red.

    I already tried:
    -Other FW / Ender-6-V1.0.2-BLTouch
    -Reconnect all the wired to the Bltouch
    -Reset the Ender
    -Downgrade to Ender-6-V1.0.1-Endstop then upgrade to > Ender-6-V1.0.2 then > Ender-6-V1.0.4.9.

    Any help ?

    20210123_234109.jpg 20210123_234103.jpg

    Hope to hear from you guys !

  • Did you unplug and remove the Z stop switch after you installed the BLTouch? That needs to be done as part of the installation.

  • @enderlover I had a similar issue. I had remedied the blinking light by homing it first. I then found out that the bed only moves at like 0.1mm so it feels like it's not moving, but it's just very little steps. On the motherboard there is a micro USB port. You can use pronterface It is for editing the printers axis and other settings.

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