Misplaced Creality SD card - is software available for download?

  • I managed to misplace the SD card that came with the Creality Ender 5 Pro I received recently. Is that software downloadable? I seem to remember drivers on it that would let me use a computer instead of an SD card. I know that an SD card is preferable but the SD card reader on my printer has stopped working, so I need a workaround. TIA

  • Hello !

    U can find the drivers here :

    If your printer is a Ender serie, go here : https://forums.creality3dofficial.com/download/ender-series/
    Select your printer, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.
    You will find the download of SD Card files...

    Another easy way to install (correctly) the necessary Windows drivers, or to install them under Apple OS or Linux:
    Download MatterControl (Slicer software full of interesting functions). It is open source and free. During its installation it will offer to install the drivers essential for communication between the computer and the printer.

    Personally I find MatterControl much easier to use and more ergonomic than Cura or Creality Slicer ... and more powerfull !

    TIPS :
    BEFORE installing the drivers (or MatterControl):

    • open windows device manager
    • open branch PORT (COM & LPT)
    • Note the com port numbers used.
    • Install the drivers (or install MatterControl), then restart the computer immediately (ESSENTIAL !!!)

    After restarting the station:

    • Connect the printer to the computer and start it.
    • Wait for Windows to detect it (significant beep)
    • open windows device manager
    • open branch PORT (COM & LPT)
    • see which COM port (s) have appeared => new port is used by the printer via the USB connection.

    If the slicer cannot find the printer, it will suffice to modify the COM port used in his stettings.

    WARNING: if you change the USB slot used, the COM port will change!

    Note :
    MatterControl allows you to have all printer controller commands (and more) directly at hand to easily configure a print or adjust its parameters.
    It allows (among other things) to comfortably carry out a very precise manual bed leveling, as well as an automatic bed leveling with a BLTouch ...
    If you have mechanic's shims you can expect very high accuracy

  • @jrsmick63 SD card content for the Ender machines are available to download from Creality -> Support -> Downloads.
    Perhaps what you are looking for will be present. Would expect the USB drivers are standard.

  • I guess i better back up everything before i use it. Thanks for the heads up. It is much appreciated!

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