Ender 3 pro few problems

  • Ok i am having problems with my ender 3 pro. I got it all set up and ready to print i bought several spools of Filament and i tried too print from the mini sd card that came with the printer but this is all it will print![alt text](![image ![0_1611209626471_20210118_173402.jpg](Uploading 2%) . I tried another sd card and it won't read it. It has to be the one that came with the printer. I even tried too use the usb port and connecting the printer too my desk top and lap top but nether one will detect the printer. Yes i dled the drivers and files for the printer on both desk top and lap top and still will not print from ether one. i ever dled a file from Thingivers to print out and still all i get it to print is the picture i posted here. i will not print the items i dled from thingivers. What do i need to do to get this too work. i have been messing with this printer seance the 7th of this month. Help me please if any one knows what i need to do to get this to print out an object i want it too print. oh i have a video of what i can slect to print. i can't post it here.

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