Another Adhesion problem Ender 3

  • Hi All,

    I had gotten hooked on 3D printing with a Dremel 3D45 that was available to use at work, and for Christmas I got an Ender 3 (Not Pro or V2) Finally got it set up last weekend, and the only thing that prints well is the 3 models that are on the SD card. I've cleaned the removable build surface and re-leveled, but anything I slice in PrusaSlicer (newest version with their Ender 3 config from the setup wizard) or Creality Slicer will not adhere with the first layer. The skirt slides across the surface as it tries to lay it down. If I go back to print the dog on the SD card, it adheres and starts building correctly. I already opened a support ticket, but hoping someone has an idea for me.



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