Heating failed! Cycle Power! FW v2.0.1.3

  • Hi all!

    I just got my CR-6 SE back from the retailer support after it went up in smoke after a few days after I got it. The MB is v4.5.3 and the Power Switch is changed. When I started the printer it said that the bed size is 400x400x400 so I figured that the support must have installed the CR-6 MAX FW by mistake. So this forced me to update the MB to v2.0.1.3 for the v4.5.3 MB hardware and thus the touch display was updated too. All upgrades worked. The only thing now is that neither the heatbed or the nozzle will heat up. "Heating failed! Cycle Power!" is displayed on the screen with an envelope. 😢

    Before the update the heating worked perfect. Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks in advance!

  • @Hamst3rpaj I have the same. Have you fixed yours?

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