Extra cables on Ender 5 Plus

  • Just received my Ender 5 Plus today. Started to assemble it, and when I get to the end of the cable installation section I come to find I have 2 more cables than the manual shows. One of them is labeled "E" and the other has no label.20210121_211708 (2).jpg

    The printer seemed to start up ok, but I also ran into problems when trying to run the auto-level feature. The extruder assembly kept running all the way to the front of the printer chassis, moving past the build plate and then the build plate would move up until it impacted with the assembly, NOT the sensor.

  • @sjavoroski it looks like you've miswired some things. The "E" connector is for your Extruder stepper motor. The red-black-yellow connector goes to the filament runout sensor. You need to recheck all of your connections. If you have anything crossed, you can cause damage to the machine.

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