Firmware Issues with software endstops and generell communication protocol

  • Hello, i got an Ender 6 and i upgraded a bltouch with firmware and connected a Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB with the latest Optopi (0.18 and a few days 0.17). So far i thought it is running good but immediately after i connect to the Ender 6 i get a warning from octoprint that the firmware which runs on the printer seems to be broken.
    Screenshot (43).png

    So i checked what it is about and in the terminal the temperature sensor values are reported wrong as it seems the firmware has a different data structure on the protocol.
    Screenshot (44).png

    I installed the plugin where octoprint suggested this: ( before you go)
    Screenshot (45).png

    As i am new to 3D printing i ignored this suggestion and proceeded. With the plugin they suggested "Creality-2x-temperature-reporting-fix (0.0.4)" it did not solve the wrong data formation on terminal but it got rid of the warning and all the other plugins are reporting the temperature in the correct format, so i hoped for the best.

    Just a few hours ago i crashed my printer for the first time, as there is no software endstop! i can go full speed below X and Y values of 0.

    I checked the software endstops and the configuration of octoprint, maybe i am missing something crucial as i am new to 3d printing and cannot tell from experience, but i checked with M503, M211, M120, M121, here is M211:Screenshot (48).png
    I also read that there is a faulty marlin version where with bltouch enabled, all software endstopps are disabled but report not to, but this seems to be fixed on newer marlin versions which suggests that the ender 6 custom firmware used an old and faulty marlin copy.

    Interestingly, M503 reads:
    Recv: echo:Home offset:
    Recv: echo: M206 X0.00 Y0.00 Z0.00

    but if i enter M206 i get the current position, for example after G28 i get:
    Send: M206
    Recv: X:130.00 Y:120.00 Z:10.00 E:0.00 Count A:20000 B:800 Z:4000
    Recv: ok

    i am really not sure if this firmware should behave like that.
    Further, i checked M428 as i run out of other options without source code, from marlin homepage it reads:

    "Use M428 to set a persistent offset to the native home position and coordinate space by assigning the current position as the native home position. See the example below.

    The current position must be within 2cm from 0 or an endstop.
    The current position is set to the native home position.
    Any previous position shift from G92 is cleared.
    The home offset is persistent — added to the current position until changed.
    Some uses include fine adjustment of Z position (without moving endstops) and shifting the coordinate space to print on a different part of the bed."

    So when i ignore the current position distance of 2cm i can crash the firmware:Screenshot (54).png

    No matter if i am completely wrong or not about all this, some facts:

    • Octoprint is reporting a faulty firmware and shows wrong temperature readings
    • My soft end stops do not work and i am worried about it and not sure how to change that they will work.
    • Source Code of Ender 6 software with creality v.4.3.1 mainboard should be realised

    If someone has similar problems or found a fix i would appreciate some infos. If needed i can make some more tests.
    My biggest issue currently is the software end stop not working but also i would like to see the source code from creality and i hope that creality brings a fix for the wrong temperature readings.

  • @traniere I connect OctoPrint to the USB port on the mainboard and it works just fine with the temperature reporting fix


  • OK - Have to ask .. HOW are you connecting OctoPrint to the Ender 6..?? Are you using the USB connection on the righthand side of the Main MB or is there another way to connect to the Raspberry .. ?? I have had similar probs using this internal USB ..??? If you have some ideas -- try contacting me on THX

  • I have the same problem.
    ender6, Ender-6-V1.0.4.9-BLTouch, OctoPi (0.17)
    OctoPrint is disconnected due to BLTouch firmware and cannot be used.
    So, I am currently using OctoPrint with Ender-6-V1.0.4.9-Endstop version.
    I hope BLTouch firmware that solves the problem is released.

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