Just got my Ender 3 Pro today, built it, and all I see is a blank screen

  • This is really disappointing as it seems something is DOA and i've been waiting to get a 3d printer for forever. I built it super carefully and patiently as well. I've looked everywhere and it seems a lot of people have had similar problems

    The problem: When powered on, the fan turns on and the LCD screen just shows a blue blank screen.

    What I've tried so far:
    Tried turning it on with and without the SD card.
    Tried using the different LCD screen ports for the ribbon cable. Only one that actually makes the screen light up (although blank) is the leftmost correct one
    I checked the motherboard, and everything seems to be okay and seated correctly, but I'm still pretty new to this stuff so I may be wrong.
    I haven't changed and tried the voltage at 230v because I know I'm on the correct 115v for the outlet I'm using, and I don't want to possibly screw it up more by switching it to 230v

    Some solutions people have stated online in other discussions I've found:
    Flashing the firmware
    Replacing the motherboard
    Replacing the LCD screen
    Replacing the power supply

    Anyone have any helpful advice or what I should go about doing first for troubleshooting before I decide to try and flash the firmware or replace anything?
    I got my ender 3 pro from the official website, so hopefully if I do need any replacement parts, the support service wont be stingy.

    Ill add some pictures and/or videos to this post tomorrow if I can. Going to get some rest now as I am completely beat after building it for a few hours, then trying to troubleshoot it for a few more.

  • Bonjour,
    La mise a jour du microgiciel de la carte a été la solution pour moi. systématiquement, l'écran devenait bleu.

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