Stepper motor of x-axis does not move: HELP

  • Greetings everyone!
    Just purchased an Ender 3 v2. Followed carefully instructions on how to install each and every component.

    The problem I am having is that the stepper motor of x-axis does not move. It rattles and vibrates heavily but most importantly does not move as expected.

    While powered off I can move the axis smoothly, no problems at all.

    If I power it on and "auto home" I can hear a loud rattle and vibration but no movement I have checked several time (1) belt tension adjusting it in different ways (2) connection cables from the stepper motor along their way to the controller (3) controller cables plug / replug + removing that nasty hot glue (4) exchange cable x with z

    Simply the stepper motor won't rotate: it rattles and vibrates it moves both clockwise and anti-clockwise at little steps

    Please see youtube video below.

    link text

    Any help appreciated.

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