The Creality Global DIY Creative Modification Masters Contest

  • Dear All

    The Creality Global DIY Creative Modification Masters Contest aims to provide a platform for every creative and independent user in the world to show good creativities and practical ability and realize self-achievement.

    We give every user who has a passion for 3D printing an opportunity to show and share the creative DIY modified printers to users around the world, jointly contribute to the development of 3D printing, and accelerate the implementation of 3D printing concepts and practices around the world.

    The contest will be divided into two racing lanes including classical series modification (Ender-3, CR-10 series) and conventional series modification (other models), the candidates can choose the corresponding lanes according to the models of modified printers to attend our contest.

    What functional enhancements can your modification bring to official products?

    What kind of essential transformation can your creativities bring to the original printer design?

    As an evangelist, Creality will escort every creative work and provide generous personal rewards for outstanding contestants, let every creativity generate light and heat, and achieve themself.

    Come to join us:

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  • And we also have the bonus for participating in the contest:


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