• I've been trying to get my brand new Ender 5 Plus working for the past 2 weeks, as I was having a whole slew of problems. While auto-leveling, the X-carriage would sometimes ram the BL Touch into the left cross beam for no apparent reason, and grind until power was removed. I also noticed other strange behavior where the touch panel would not work at all, or would click something other than what I touched.

    Then, while 1 auto-level, the BL Touch again crashed into the left rail and the machine completely stopped working correctly. After a power cycle, the BL Touch would flash red with a 50% duty cycle after every power on. It was now impossible to home the machine as it requires the BL Touch for this, and it will not allow you the lower the Z below that of the power-on state when it isn't working. I've been trying to work with tech support for over 2 weeks, but to no avail. A turn-around of 3-5 days to get an answer on an open ticket is beyond ridiculous.

    Today, I was browsing Amazon, as it was looking like I was going to be forced to purchase a replacement BL Touch (tech support is useless) when I saw something that caught my eye in the product images. There is a G-code command to "Release Alarm". So, I thought I'd try it. Turned on my Ender 5 Plus, the BL Touch immediately went in failure mode (a.k.a. alarm state), and I plugged in the USB. Immediately upon plugging in the USB to both my computer and the Ender 5 Plus, the Ender 5 Plus began to cycle, and so did the BL Touch.

    The BL Touch is now working, and all I did was plug in the USB. I've power cycled the machine multiple times and it's working again w/o any issues. I then thought back and remembered that every single time that something weird happened, the USB was plugged, so there is something with the USB that causes not only the BL Touch to fail, but also the entire Ender 5 Plus to fail.

    TL;DR there is something seriously wrong with the USB port and/or the firmware in relation to the USB port. Creality needs to look into this, as I'm sure that I'm not the first person that this has happened to. They also need to do something about their tech support, which is probably the worst that I have worked with in recent years. Turn arounds on open tickets should be less than an hour. Tiny companies can do this, so there is no excuse for this bad service.

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