CR6-SE Firmware Suggestions!

  • I've owned my Cr6 for about 4 months now and I've was wondering why Creality doesn't allow adjustment of the extruder (E-steps) from the the factory menu like on the ender series. Just wondering if there's interest to add this feature, maybe we can get Crealiy to add it to the next update.

  • Re: CR6-SE Firmware Suggestions!

    Yes Agreed,Creality does not allow adjustments for E Steps on the CR 6 SE.
    I have been having issues of over extruding and creality support really doesn't help.

    I still kick myself because i could have purchased a Prusa Mini - the adjustments & mods could of been endless.

    I just don't know why they keep launching more printers when creality could of just kept the same printers,sold upgrade's and given better firmware opportunities.

    Stupid Creality!

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