Z Axis not moving up

  • Can someone help me please!
    I have .4mm nozzle on my cr10. But to me when it reaches .4, .6, .8 it looks like it’s not moving up and the filament keeps trying to build it up but then a clicking sound from the filament feeder starts. Because Z Axis is not moving and it builds up on the print making it all look really rough.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @rimazcreative you can check whether the motor can work normally, or you can send an email to cs@creality.com and attach the videos in detail. There will be professionals to help you.

  • I have Ender 3 V2 which was purchased recently I have not even printed 5 models, and the Z-axis stop working, I followed all the guidelines from the below youtube videos and none of them helpped.

    I have checked the motherboard and there is no issue, and when I checked connecting the X-axis control/cable to z-axis it is working but it is not working with the z-axis.

    I am confused now and do not know what to do, there is no support online.

    It seems like I wasted my money.

    Videos I found:

    Please I need help on fixing this.

  • I have resolved the issue (which sound identical to your issue). I have been trying to fix this issue for 2 months. I replaced literally ALL of my components including mainboard, motors and screen, and nothing fixed this issue.. I plugged my SD card into my spare ender 3-v2 and that printer starting having issues as well! Turns out, the EEPROM.dat file on my SD card was corrupted. Put the SD card into your PC and delete that file, then make sure you're printer is OFF, insert the SD card, then turn your printer on.

    I had a power-out whilst printing, which corrupted the SD card. This caused issues specifically with the z-axis not moving while printing. Otherwise I could move the z-axis to home or jog it on the screen.

  • I've been running into the exactly same problem On my Ender 3 V2 for the last month.. Cannot for the life of me fix this issue!!!! I posted on Creality ender 3 v2 facebook group but no results. I can still home my printer, or jog all of the axes, but when starting a print the Z axis stops moving after the first layer. Is this the same for you??

    I have been doing diagnostics and this is what I've found so far:

    • I ruled out my slicer(cura) by printing standard profiles, using previously working .gcode files, etc. I confirmed that my .gcode file has z-axis move commands in it including homing.

    • I noticed during printing, the motor DOES NOT TURN after the first layer.

    • I thought my z-axis lead screw was binding up so i completely disconnected it from the coupler / stepper motor. The stepper motor still did not move. (I recorded it not moving at the end of a layer FYI). As a result of this, the filament builds up around the nozzle and the nozzle pushes excess plastic around. On top of that - as you explained, the filament then backs up due to the pressure in the nozzle and the feeder stepper / gear starts clicking....

    • I reflashed both my screen and mainboard to the latest 1.02v firmware as I thought it may have been corrupted, to which this did not fix the issue.

    I am now under the assumption that my main board is faulty or the power supply has issues (which I don't yet understand why that would be causing this issue specifically - but its a possibility at this point...)

    Any update on your behalf?

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