Faulty ender 5 out of the box.... :-(

  • I received an ender 5 for christmas , and 2 days ago was the first day of getting it out of the box, however, after fully assembling it, I have found that as soon as you try to heat the bed, it blips out, switches off for approx 1 second and reboots..... I sent a "service request" to creality 2 days ago, but still not had a response.....

    Has anyone else encountered this issue with the bed....? I really don't want to have to take it all down and post back to Amazon...

  • Dear @pmcn501

    In order to better serve our users and solve their after-sales problems in a timely manner,
    our technical team has created an official after-sales platform:

    For after-sales issues with Creality products, please move to the official after-sales channel, where we have the professional after-sales staff to deal with your after-sales issues in real-time.

    Below is the official after-sales channel portal, if you have any after-sales issues, please contact us on this platform. Thank you for your support.


  • I ordered 2 ender 5 plus printers had problems with both. tried everything, customer service is horrible. send it back and buy a Prusa

  • @pmcn501 after doing some searching today, I found I missed seeing incoming power voltage on the back of the base. My printer was delivered as 230 and all I needed to do was set it to 115v for United States.

  • @pmcn501 I've got a similar problem. However my printer doesn't need to have the bed or nozzle heading up. I was just going through bed leveling procedures and the printer reboots. Have you been able to fix your issue? What have you already tried?

  • @pmcn501
    I just received the Ender 5 a week ago. I too have the unit reset when I try to heat the bed. Also, the micro sd card reader does not click in and lock the card.

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