Ender 5 Pro layer weirdness

  • Afternoon peoples!

    So having a bit of a random problem that's actually the opposite of the common "crappy first layer" thing in which i actually get really awesome first layers then around layer 3-4 its just absolutely goes to hell.

    Now... I am aware that the Ender 5 Pro bed does have the occasional issue with warping especially at the center so the corners are going to be tighter then the center point which im happy to accept as the cause when my glass plate arrives tomorrow however I would like to know if anyone else has come across this issue and found a specific problem that causes it.

    Factors I'm currently considering are:

    • Filament moisture (its in a box of silica packs at the moment just in case)

    • Nozzle Clog (though I have tried cleaning this several times, I may switch nozzles to check)

    • Bed level inconsistency (paper leveling gives tight corners loose center point so this is a def factor im sure)

    • Screwing up too many settings in the slicer (i expect this may be a cause also)

    Hopefully the pictures will give you a better idea of what Im talking about. Any suggestions on cause or solution would be greatly appreciated.


    Bed/ First layer

    Resulting layers from 3/4 onwards

    Side view

  • @cameramonkeyuk
    How did you post the photos. I haven't worked out the procedure.
    Did you solve the problem? How?

  • @admin Sorry, I missed your reply.
    I will root through my waste bucket to see if I can find an example of the original problem (extruded filament 'jumping' between points on the circumference) and post a photo.
    I'm still having multiple difficulties and am considering 'ditching' the original 'remote' extruder and getting a 'direct' replacement.


    This slicing software limits the withdrawal speed not to exceed 50

  • @admin how can we set the retraction speed to 80mm/s in cura 4.7? Everything over 50 turn into orange color.

  • @Daveincaol

    When printing a circular model, the nozzle will have a starting point, and it is normal that there will be a trace at the starting point. If it is other problems, please provide a video or a photo of the printed model

  • @admin

    Using the Basic Ender 5 and Cura 4.7, I've had difficulty printing especially when making circular models. (Strings between points on the circumference).
    I've set the Retraction distance to 8mm and speed to 80 mm/s and Cura is displaying an Orange infill at the speed settings.
    Is this OK.

  • @cameramonkeyuk Hope everything will be fine. Good luck to you and waiting for your performance.

  • I believe in this instance retraction was turned on however it was just the default values CURA pumped out so I'll double check that.

    The glass bed should be arriving this afternoon thankfully so that's solving any leveling issues.

  • @cameramonkeyuk

    1. From the print, it should be that the retraction is not turned on. It is recommended that the retraction speed is 80mm/s and the retraction distance is 8mm.
    2. The problem of the middle height of the platform should be improved by using a glass platform.

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