Ender 6 Network Connectivity

  • I am a total noob. I've never owned a 3d printer. In all my reading on the Ender 3, Ender 5, and now the Ender 6 I am not finding really any information on connecting to the Ender printers physically via network connection. I see an option for a USB connection--but since the printer will be on a different floor of my home than where my PC is that is not an option. I've seen what appear to be a bunch of hoops to jump through to get something called OctoPrint to work. Can't you guys just put an Ethernet port on the thing and let us plug it into our network? Or at least a WiFi option to connect to our WiFi. Perhaps all this is moot and once I get my Ender 6 I'll have a different perspective. My current perspective is that most of my efforts at communicating and printing on the printer would take place from my PC--but I really don't want to have to rig it with a bunch of band aids just to be able to send jobs to it from my PC.

    Can you help me understand how it is that I will be able to connect to the Ender 6 across my local network and send print jobs to it?

  • Oh yeah, I forgot that creality also offers their "Wifi Cloud Box" and talked about a camera at one point.

    As always, search for product videos, reviews, and comparisons, and judge for yourself.

  • @mscott

    These printers don't have any capability built in that can receive print jobs that are 'sent to it', other than from the sd card reader.

    You CAN connect over USB and control from another computer. For printing, that means sending each line of G-code print commands to it one by one, so that computer needs to stay on and connected to it for the whole job.

    That's why they came up with octoprint on a raspberry pi (octopi), since they're cheap and don't use much power. You can turn one into a dedicated print server.

    I'm sure somebody has connected a small microcontroller with wifi or ethernet to a printer's mainboard, but refer again to first paragraph. It's likely possible, but definitely not simpler than octopi.

    If none of that is for you, you can see another option here. Didn't sound too great to me.

    See how it goes. Nothing wrong with using the sd card and lcd either.

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