Ender 6 BLTouch Auto Level - Stops at 15 spots

  • Not sure exactly what happened .. but it was working fine and then it stopped printing all of the items .. Rebooted - reset what I could - cleaned the print head ... then installed the new Main MB Software and the New BL Touch software ... I also found that the BL Touch connector on the nozzle could have been a little loose .. so I reset it and Hot-Glued the connector.
    Got the BL Touch back working ... but the Auto Level would only test 15 of the 25 spots -- then it would freeze at that point and only a power off/on would get access returned.
    Tried the Manual Level --- but when I did the 5 spots and all appeared to be fine ... when I tried to print .. it would go to the center spot and move the Hot Tip right into the bed .. and I had to turn it off to stop any damage >>>???

    So right now the Printer is NOT OPERATIONAL -- AGAIN..>!!! Any suggestions would be appreciated.>!!

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