Creality's flexible build plate did damage my printer

  • I just bought and installed Creality's flexible build plate for the LD-002H on my brand new Creality LD-002H - and I'm very disappointed because it immediately damaged the printer: After pressing home, the plate went down and then came a terrible crunching noise: The handling tabs of the steel plate had hit the walls of the vat and did scratch the black. The steel plate has large tabs and the vat of this printer is quite small. As a result, the clearance between the tabs and the walls of the vat is absolutely minimal. The slightest misalignment of the steel plate on the magnetic build plate will damage the printer. This is a stupidly designed product (I can only assume this is a flexible plate that was originally produced for another printer with larger vat, such as the Mars): The tabs should be smaller for the Creality LD-002H and possibly on the shorter sides. Also, the flexible build plate should come with instructions that warn users that damage is possible. As it is, it comes with ZERO instructions.

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