seriously need help with this ld-002h problem

  • ok .. i have 2x ld-002h ... the "new one arrived about 2 weks ago and the old one i had for about 3 month .. the old one married up with the chutibox print time which i was happy about and the new one was nearly doubled .. i have asked support with 0 success on getting the old firmware to flash the new one to to now avail ... so on the 28th they released a new firmware .. i flashed both ld-002h to latest firmware... still cant flash the .lcd .. but now the new machine has no difference in print time .. but the old one which printed at the stated time on chitu is now doubled in print time nearly .. please can you sort this crap out .. its gone from a 4h 37m print to a 8h 50m print on the same file i just printed ... and that is with me telling it in chitu to print at 2s a layer so i know its not the slicer its taking between 5-6 seconds a layer .. does anyone have a link to the old version of firmware from 3-6 month ago because i dont pay good money for a printer to print at 2s a layer only for the printer to register the correct time then after 12 seconds of printing the 1st of 7 base layers to double the time

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