Prints popping loose

  • With the coated glass on the CR-6, what can be done to reduce/stop parts from coming loose during printing? (Printing PLA with default heat settings.) I've had big parts partially pop loose (and ruin the popped area surface), small parts pop loose, parts on a raft pop loose.... I thought the coating on the glass was going to make that a thing of the past. Comments? Thanks!

  • @carmicp With my first attempts at printing, the filament wouldn't stick at all. It just dragged around a skinning looking extrusion over the bed. What I did was clean the bed really well with several scrubbings of isopropyl alcohol. I also manually, then with the feed, purged some extra filament through the extruder to make sure the flow was proper. The final thing I did was set the Z offset at .25. I think I had it set too low before. After those items were complete my next print stuck like a champ and printed with great lower surface finish. Good luck!

  • I did clean the glass, grip side up, and only print in the center and it is mostly fine. Sometimes I have to put a raft under fine details to get them to stick though. I did use tape a couple times, but that seems ridiculous.

  • @ritchiedc just wondering if, when using the coated side, are you cleaning with alcohol after prints? I've been doing this every third or fourth print and so far everything has been sticking really well. Also my experience so far has been with the creality filament haven't tried anything else yet.

  • After several days the parts started coming loose for me even at 60C. I flipped the bed over and am using glue stick. The old proven ways are still sometimes the best way.

  • @bucweat Upvoting this. 50C was default on mine when I received, that seems to be too cool for proper bed adhesion.

  • I'm using the filament that came with printer. Make sure you are using the software that came on the SD card that has the CR-6 SE printer profile, and make sure that it is setting the bed temperature to 60C when you are printing. I started out with the wrong printer profile that was setting bed temp to 40C and prints would fall off almost right away. With bed temp set to 60C things stick really the point that I need to let the bed cool off a little otherwise it sticks so well that it is hard to remove.

  • Dear @carmicp, glad you received your Creality CR-6 SE 3d printer. You can apply a little solid glue or a layer of masking paper on the platform.

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