Ender 5 pro won't work with octoprint

  • Hello,
    Bought Ender 5 pro a week ago, so far printer seems to be working fine when i offload .gcode to it manually by transferring to a supplied SD card .

    When i try to connect it to an octoprint it just throws an message "Your printer's firmware is known to have a broken implementation of the
    communication protocol. This may cause print failures or other annoyances."

    My firmware version is stock out-of-the-box Marlin Ver. 1.0.1 2020-04-25 Ender-5Pro www.creality.com.

    To what firmware should i upgrade to get octoprint to work?


  • On your first question though, which firmware to use, I would say keep a note of your original version and download a backup of that- but otherwise always use the latest available from creality.com or creality3dofficial.com

    There is quite a pile in there, but I guess the latest is still currently 1.0.1 unless you have bltouch or know you have 2208 stepper drivers...?

    Found a long discussion on reddit, might help

  • Need something more to go on. Might be helpful to share the terminal output after connecting octoprint (dunno if anything private there, otherwise censor it) and for the move commands.

    It probably doesn't apply, but if you try moving before homing, I think it can bash ends.

  • I fixed temperature bug with "Temp fix" plugin from octoprint, but larger issue is that i cannot print anything, every job fails every time.

    Also manual moving of X,Z,Y fails with octoprint. Some unsettling sounds occur from servo motors and then just errors out . @admin please help i expect support from product that was bought brand new.

  • @drb
    Was it just a warning or does it really not work?

    I got similar for ender-6, talking about temperature reporting not following standard protocol. Something about "TT" where it should be "T". All we can do in this case is say

    Hey @admin Please have your firmware people correct the temperature reporting so it follows protocol.

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