Blank Screen When Trying to update firmware

  • I know there are other posts here about this and dozens elsewhere on the internet... but nothing I do solves this issue. I have:

    Formatted the SD card
    Put the new .bin file on the card
    Inserted the SD card and turned on the printer. That's when the problem started. I have not seen the welcome screen since.
    Turned off and unplugged the printer.
    Reformateed the SD card
    Downloaded the original firmware .bin file and loaded it onto the SD card with a fresh name.
    Turned on the printer, nothing.
    Turned off the printer, took apart the screen.
    Loaded the SC card with the appropriate DWIN_Set folder
    put the SD card in the video slot and turned on the machine.
    it appeared to update because after a few seconds the screen turned orange.
    turned off the printer
    reformatted the SD card
    loaded up a different firmware .bin file with a fresh name onto the SD card and inserted into the printer.
    turned on the printer, nothing.

    I have repeated many of these steps many times. I have also checked all the wiring, etc. and everythging seems fine.



  • Zorpiedoman I sent a reply. I doubt it would make it to the forum. It will be vetted and placed in f(x). f(x)= (11+28)/3. I was a little harsh about the speed at which questions get answered.

  • @Zorpiedoman It's too bad the brains out there with experience, who should be mentors, either lack social interaction, teamwork, or just the basic human fundamental drive of the passing on of information so we never have to re-invent the wheel. Unbelievable!! Can't anyone throw a bone to a young guy just trying to make his way in this 3d world? HEY!!! All of you OG's, you have a morale obligation to help answer the help questions on this forum. Why else be on here? To show off all of the "wicked cool" things you've created by supercharging your eludium pue 36 explosive space modulator? I would venture to say all the OG's at some point were Dumb-faced and staring at their ELEGOO with copius amounts of jumper wires strewn about wondering why TF they can't get their firmware to flash. Why am I even saying this? There should be someone policing this forum. Zorp, if I had the knowledge buddy, I'd have you fixed last January. I, too am new to 3D printing and am currently sitting on 8.5 kilos of filament and a new/not at all working 3D printer. I won't even embarrass myself to ask the question I have just to have noses turn up at my post with impunity. I can create a turbine engine or design a mansion on Solidworks 2019 but I can't successfully flash the proper firmware to my LCD. I definitely chose the wrong engineering curriculum. Seriously, I am glad there are none of these issues on the solidworks forums. You know what questions get asked Zordpiedoman? What's your favorite genre of music? Why do you think that is? Maybe because all the help questions get dealt with swiftly?
    With luck you'll find a gem. And when I say gem, I mean a really , really nice and capable person named Jim (or Jemma! I'm not descriminating.) who will gladly see you along your way with a healthy printer.

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