X Axis not moving now :( CR6SE

  • My printer is the kickstarter CR6SE and has been stable and printing well for months. It’s running V1.0.2 firmware. A couple of days ago I went to print a simple frame object that would fit inside a 10cm cube. Nothing large or complex but it required a raft and supports. Basically a typical design of my own for custom use brackets and should be a straight forward print. Anyway it got about 3mm high of layers printed and without noise or error or print detaching it stopped moving the head left/right along the X axis, just moving the plate forward/back on the Y and raising on the Z axis. So I aborted the print and eventually it appeared to “loop” trying to home the head. It kept repeating its steps and looping through its onscreen display so I powered off. Today I pushed all cable ends to make sure all cables I could reach are seated properly in case it was a lose cable but no change. If i go into the menu I can move the head on Y&Z axis but the X axis produces no movement (yes I set movement rate to 10mm so its very obvious). Auto home just loops Y& Z movement producing no X movement. There are no error messages.
    I then updated firmware to V1.0.3.6 and that didn’t make any difference. Nothing changed.

    Any help please?
    Is there a self test process that could produce a meaningful error to see if a part needs replacing?

    Like I said its been printing reliably for months (since I got it, I forget how long ago). I did not touch the printer while it was running or physically adjust/move anything recently. I only changed the firmware AFTER this problem occurred. I also ONLY use the printer as a standalone, never connected to a computer, i print gcode from sd card and so far only used the creality slicer.

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