power switches off after new micro SD card inserted.

  • power switches off after new micro SD card inserted. I am a newbie to this and have purchased an Ender 3D from Amaxon. So far I have replaced each 3 times with a replacement but still it happens. The printer operates for about 5 hours on the original card. When I try to load up extra gcode files on a new microSD file then the printer will not boot up. In fact thescreen shows a darkened rectangle in the middle. The main power pak fan operates and there is a blue led visible in the processor. but no fan working. It seems obvious that it must be something I have done ,or not done, as you don't have that exrensive failure rate. The manual does seem to infer that there is a RESET available but haven't found it. Need help please. I will say that Amazon have been very good at supplying new replacements but they are lacking in the knowledge of these units.

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