Ender 5 BLTouch

  • Hello everyone,
    I have an Ender 5 - and I recently receive a Creality BLTouch package. I install it
    but I have difficulty with settings. I want to realign BLTouch in X and Y axes to have in the middle of the bed, in order to make the complete leveling. I tried Pronterface to proceed but settings aren't taking in account because Eeprom is not enabled on my printer.
    How can I go further and is it possible to upgrade my Ender 5 to access X and Y settings ?
    Thanks for any help in advance.

  • @oliebe
    These are for ender-5 plus, but should still help

    Update creality firmware (in case they fixed it in recent updates)

    Flash Kersey Fabrications' modified firmware

    Like I said it's for the plus, but if needed probably you can figure out what he changed and apply to ender-5.

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