Ender 3D blank screen and no processor

  • I am a newbie so please help on this one.

    I purchased the first printer in Nov 2020, set it up tried printing and it managed 4 prints. Had an extra SD card and loaded several more .gcode files. Inserted it in the slot, switched on but the screen showed a blank rectangle in the centre whilst the main power pack and fan ran ok. the processor was dead although I spied a working blue led through the fan slots. Because the screen was dead I snt the unit back to Amazon assuming there was just a fault.

    The new one arrived and after rebuilding exactly the same fault occured.sent it back to Amazon. A replacent was duly sent, built up, tested and failed after 5 hours printing. Amazon could not understand the problems so suggested I contact Creality.

    Over to a kind person on your forum who hopefully can help. I should say that it seems unlikely that there is a compnent fault, more than likely it is a fault of mine. In the manual thereis mention of a RESET condition but unable to find where or what.

    Please help.

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