x-axis drift issue

  • My ender 3 has an x-axis drift issue when the x-axis consistently drifts to the right, starting with the first layer. I have already tried re-tightening my x-axis belt, and I don't think it is rubbing. I was wondering if it is possible that it is my slicer (Cura)?![alt text]

  • I forgot to mention. that it could also be the bed plate as well. There are two more of those concentric nuts for the rollers, one forward and another to the rear, that you need to adjust for minimal play. While you are at it there is yet another one on the Z-Axis roller. Might as well check/adjust them all. Also you do not usually need to loosen the nylon lock nut on the back side of these "concentric nuts" . They have flat sides on the shaft which is what you want to use to turn them with the supplied wrench. Don't overtighten, just enough to give some grab as you turn the roller by hand while adjusting is optimal. Also be aware that this could also affect your Z-Axis calibration, so be sure to re-level your bed afterwards.

  • Did you adjust the two rollers, one on each side of the arm to minimize the play of the arm against the side rails? These are the ones with the eccentric nut. They don't cover it in the assembly manual, but there are plenty of instructional videos.

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