Where is the question I posted - re: a film of cured resin on the fep

  • I posted this question: Why do I sometimes get a film of resin in areas apart from the print?

  • flash the newest firmware, is 4.3.16

    Where can 4.3.16 be found? I've flashed the firmware from https://www.creality.com/download ("LD-002H UI firmware 3_5_LD-002H-2020710.bin", 28/Jan/21). Afterwards, the firmware version is still 4.3.9, according to the info menu. The file name suggests it is a firmware from 10/July/2020.

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  • @dtmr

    reply through Amazon, where I bought my printer:

    Dear customer,
    Thsnks for the kindly email.
    For the problem, we have folowing suggestions.
    1.Please set the exposure time of the bottom layer to 10s and the exposure time to 2s.
    2.Please flash the newest firmware, is 4.3.16.
    A.Please format your U disk/SD card firstly.
    B.Copy the firmware to the U disk/SD card.
    C.Turn off the printer, insert the U disk into the USB port of the machine, turn it on, click the print interface, select the file with the suffix Bin to print, and restart after printing.
    Format SD card method: Start=>> running=>> Input command to enter DOS system(win7 system, please input cmd), input format/q g:/fs:fat32/a:4096.
    g is the disk number of your SD card. Please noted that right click to format is invalid; SD card capacity must within 2-16G.
    3.Change the placement of the prints。
    If there is excess curing in the middle of the previous print, you can adjust the print to print around to observe whether there is still excess curing. If it is only in the middle or around it, it is a 2K screen problem 4. Click the "calibration" interface of the operation screen, adjust the test exposure time of the image to 60s, pour the filament into the 2K screen, wait for the filament to cure successfully to clean the 2K screen, the normal situation should be a square with flat edges, if there is still excess curing, the 2K screen is problem.
    Please offer us some pictures or videos showing test process.
    After our engineers confirmed, if there is problem, and we can send you related parts as replacement for free.
    As Amazon does not allow us to receive videos and send firmware through its system, if you need it, then please contact us through this mail box: zzsw-3d@outlook.com
    Please remember to add on your order ID when contact us there.
    Waiting for your further information to move on.
    Best wishes

  • Hello, I have had it for a week and the same thing happens to me in each impression. With the 002R it never happened. How is it possible that no one from creality answers?

  • My wild guess (as a newbie) would be that the display can not completely block the strong UV light in this printer, so a small amount gets through everywhere, potentially creating a thin skin that might begin floating around. Maybe this problem is amplified by having a high bottom exposure time. What values do you use - time and layers?

    I wonder if the fact that this printer has a central light source (not a matrix) has something to do with it, too. The rays from such a light source will probably not be perpendicular to the LCD everywhere, so the view angle of the display comes into play.

    PS: I find it annyoing that almost none of the questions in the manufacturer's own forum are addressed by the manufacturer.

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