How to unbrick your Creality Box

  • How to unbrick your Creality Box:
    In many cases, the brick of a box is caused by a power failure or the card removal, so the box will not be turned on anymore.
    Please follow the procedures below to fix the bricked Creality Box.

    1. Get a USB flash drive.
    2. Power off the Creality Box.
    3. Unzip the Creality Box firmware file and paste the unzipped file ‘root_uImage’ to the USB flash drive.
    4. Insert the USB flash drive to the port on Creality Box.
    5. Long press the Reset button - Power on the Creality Box (holding the Reset for at least 6 seconds or a bit longer) - the Creality Box will go to ‘updating’ mode.
    6. After the updating, Creality Box will start automatically and the D1 light will flash.
    7. Done. The flashing D1 light indicates you successfully recovered your Creality Box.

    The link for firmware:

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