Bad impressions suddenly

  • Hi all,
    I have a problem with printing and I don't know why? Suddenly, I do not remember making any changes at the printer level, the prints began to not stick to the bed, layers are left without putting the print, the parameters are those of the cure profile for creality cr-6 se.
    I have updated printer firmware and reinstalled cure several times and use diferent filament.
    good.jpg bad1.jpg !

  • Hi all,

    I already found the problem, the extruder did not stretch the filament enough and that is why the melted filament did not fall and did not stick to the bed and when it fell it fell without force.
    I have tightened the screw of the extruder and it pulls with more force and it falls correctly.
    Thank you

  • I am having a similar problem. The print is uneven and missing areas. It was printing fine and then not. I am using blue painters tape (and re-leveling) because the print was no longer sticking to the glass bed.
    poor print sm.jpg

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