Ender 6 leveling position issues (auto leveling and prints go diagonal due to sd card eeprom)

  • Hello Creality comunity I have an Ender 6 with a few issues. I recently had issues leveling my points wether it be the 5 points with the end stop or if I used my BL touch for the 5 point or 25 point auto leveling. It goes in a diagonal pattern even if I am printing. I just started seeing this as of 2 weeks . I had the printer over a month and didn't know what it is that caused it. I found out after trial and error my SD card seems to be the reason. I need to save the e eprom on the printer itself to fix the issue. Can anyone help figure this out? Also want to know does anyone know if there is any code I need to edit or any file to fix this issue? I will leave a link with the video below.


    Thank you creality comunity in advance.

  • @telephasic I reseated the cables on the printer several times and saw no problem with the stepper motor. I don't think I missed anything surging observation. If I auto level without the SD card I have no issues at all, but I can't save my settings. If it was the motor would it not happen all the time and not just when the SD card is used? Also Is there a way to save my eeprom to the mainboard? If not is there a part number for the SD card reader or a similar part in another type of machine? I will start by replacing the reader. I can return it if it's not needed.

  • @slender-ender you checked out the left (x) stepper motor and all its connections? Does it move ever?
    It just seems a bit unlikely to me that an SD card slot or lcd would let everything work fine except for 1 motor.

  • @telephasic I tried a new SD card and the issue occurred again. I am thinking 2 things. 1 is that there a problem with the firmware that handles my eeprom on the board. 2 the SD card reader or lcd is bad. This only happens with the SD card inside the SD card slot. It also happens with both the BL touch and end stop sensor. Do you know where I can buy either the SD card slot, SD card cable, or the lcd?

  • @slender-ender i like your name

    Diagonal moving on a corexy.. happens when you want to go in a straight line along x or y axis, but one stepper is not moving... can you rule out bad connections, blocked belt, motor?

    Otherwise do you have some strange files on that sd? After you finished flashing firmware, you should remove that file from the sd card for example.

    Does same happen with blank sd inserted?

    Not sure if it will solve your issue, but you asked about codes.. Here is the marlin reference: https://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/G029.html

    Edit: seeing your video, I'm almost positive it's a wiring problem, a bad stepper, otherwise something interfering with steppers signals. When you hit Leveling, the homing action should be straight to the right, and straight back. Yours went diagonal back/right, and then crunched (since it got forced more to the right).

    Your back left stepper is not moving at all, is it? To do the movements in the video, only the right stepper is needed.

    Double/triple-check all connectors on the breakout board by the extruder, on the stepper, and on the mainboard.

    If all that is ok, maybe another explanation is you have a messed up X Steps value somehow (M92).

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