Ender 6 Screen Firmware (Ender-6 screen firmware.zip)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have successfully added a 3.1 BL Touch and upgraded the mainboard firmware to the BL Touch firmware that goes with it.

    When doing that, I noticed that there is also an update to the screen firmware (Ender-6 screen firmware.zip).

    Upon unzipping the Ender-6 screen firmware.zip, instead of just a .bin file to copy on to the SD card, there are 118 files in a directory called DWIN_SET which includes 5 .bin files.

    My questions are:

    1. How do you determine the version your screen currently has?
    2. How do you update to this if needed? (Remove all files from the SD card and copy the DWIN_SET directory and all 118 files over? Just copy the 118 files to the root directory?)

    Any help or info is greatly appreciated - Thanks!

  • The files are for the Display. To upgrade the Display you need to place the folder in the root of the MicroSD card, open the display (remove the bottom of the printer, then the display box, then the Display PCB form the case then you will have access to the SD Card slot of the Display). Place the card in, then power on the printer. It will show hex values on the screen as its transfer the files to the Display EEPROM then report END (takes approx 1 min). You can then remove the SD Card.

  • Hello

    but I don't know how Install it

  • @kmcook could you link me to the screen firmware file?


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