Ender 6 Screen Firmware (Ender-6 screen firmware.zip)

  • Hi Everyone,

    I have successfully added a 3.1 BL Touch and upgraded the mainboard firmware to the BL Touch firmware that goes with it.

    When doing that, I noticed that there is also an update to the screen firmware (Ender-6 screen firmware.zip).

    Upon unzipping the Ender-6 screen firmware.zip, instead of just a .bin file to copy on to the SD card, there are 118 files in a directory called DWIN_SET which includes 5 .bin files.

    My questions are:

    1. How do you determine the version your screen currently has?
    2. How do you update to this if needed? (Remove all files from the SD card and copy the DWIN_SET directory and all 118 files over? Just copy the 118 files to the root directory?)

    Any help or info is greatly appreciated - Thanks!

  • Hello

    but I don't know how Install it

  • @kmcook could you link me to the screen firmware file?


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