Ender 3 V2 Printing Help

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to print the turbine files from thingverse site and so far my ender 3 V2 has been doing very well. I have moved on to a new part "shaft" and my outer walls look like the attached picture. I didn't notice this with other PLAs but this new one I'm using (Halo 3D) prints like the attached picture. How do I get the outer wall to smooth out from the small bumps or gaps? I have calibrated extruder and use the metal upgrade..there must be some setting I'm overlooking?

    Print settings: (Cura 4.8)
    .16 layer
    1.2 wall thicknessIMG_0233.jpg
    40 mm/sec print speed
    20mm/s in/out wall speed
    205C PLA
    50C Bed
    5 retraction distance
    25 retraction speed

    Any other information to prove some assistance?

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