Psu Cover for 120 mm case fan + wifi rgb controller

  • Hello everyone.
    My name is Yıldırım. I have a ender 3 pro and i did upgrade all fans of my printer. Only the psu needs an upgrade. I always wanted to use a 120mm case fan on my power supply. I am planning to put my printer to near of my shop's showcase to have some attention of people walking arround. So i want to add some rgb strips to my printer.

    I couldn't find a model for this then i designed my own. I already finished my design for psu cover and had some small tests about the parts.I like to read your opinions about my design before than print it. If there is something I missed I would like to know.

    My plan is using a rgb 120 mm fan and some addressable rgb strips and control all the leds with a nodemcu lollin v3 on wifi. Main power of leds required will be come from the psu as 24v then i will reduce the voltage with a Lm2596 dc-dc converter. And i will connect the fan to psu's board.Also there is will be a small rocker switch (kcd-11) to turn on or off the leds. What do you think? Please share your opinions with me. Thank you.


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