newbie question - Do I need to use glue with PLA

  • V2 arrived a couple of days ago. Struggled a little with stock springs to level the table but seemed to get there in the end. Printed off several items with the free PLA that came with the printer, but when I changed filament I needed to level the bed again as nothing would stick. Having spent some time with the levelling again, 80gsm copier paper just gripped by nozzle on all 4 corners, still getting some corners curling up and small pieces are dragged around by the nozzle as if they come unstuck after several layers put down.
    Using 200C and 60C bed temp, nothing complicated.
    Do I need glue?

  • If it doesn't stick, clean your bed. SERIOUSLY! Take the plate off and go clean it with soap a washcloth/sponge, and water... Once your done, dry it with paper towels, making sure to touch the surface only with paper towels, not your fingers. Put it back on your bed, then wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol and you should be good. Do not underestimate how clean a bed PLA needs. If that doesn't work, increase your temp up to 215.
    If that doesn't work, make sure your bed is level. My experience indicates that Enders are notorious for beds constantly needing levelled again...

  • I dont always need glue with PLA, but different brands and items printing does need it. I use a slight spray of hairspray. I use 205 for initial layer and then 200, I also do 60 for 1st layer then to 50. Try doing 50 or 45 on bed before hairspray, if bed is just a little too hot prints will curl, and make sure fan is on.

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